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There is more in You than you think!

Tamás Kálmán business coach Tamás Kálmán
business and executive coach,
module leader
(International Business School),
member of AMCHAM

Yes, there is more in you than you think!

Quite a few decades ago started the international career of Business Coaching, which transfered the training methods and philosophy of the competitive sports into the business world. Its popularity - thanks to its efficiency - is still unbroken!

The business coach is some sort of a personal trainer, a catalyst, whose main task is to support, accompany and inspire his client. His job is also to mobilize those internal resources, which remained hidden so far, and to help to achieve and realize those personal and business goals that previously seemed to be impossible.

As a business coach, I believe that in every human being lies the solution and answer for all of his or her problems and challenges.

My job is to encourage and inspire your active thinking through my questions, the specific tools of coaching and the unbiased feedbacks. With my help you are going to be even more effective and successful in your career.

If I raised your interest, you can find out more about coaching on the website, please take a look at my CV, then you can choose the field, where I can support you the most. Please read my articles and make an appointment.

                                                            Tamás Kálmán